Streak-free, medical-grade disinfecting wipes are chemically formulated to fight the most germs and inhibit the growth of bacteria. They can be used for removing dirt and mold buildup to disinfecting common household surfaces, cleaning offices, sanitizing medical equipment, preventing infection and contamination and even detailing cars.

TYPE:  75% isopropyl alcohol, non-food contact, fungicide, mildewstat, verucide. Streak free and non-staining disinfecting wipe.
PACKAGING & QUANTITY: Wipe canister. 80 wipes per canister. Order comes with 12 canisters.
MOQ:  1 case (12 canisters per case) *
DELIVERY:  Next Day to 28 days depending on order size

*Minimum Order Quantities (MOQ) may apply. Discounts available on larger volume orders.