The SHEconomy Project

#TeamUp with us to drive $1B+ worth of revenue back to diverse owned businesses.

A movement aimed at instituting the necessary action to create more Social, Health and Economic impact for women.

We Believe

To get to a better, more equitable future state it will take ALL of us, doing our part to drive sustainable change.

We Know

If governments and enterprises committed to 2x their allocation to women and diverse owned businesses, we could drive over $1B in already budgeted dollars back to these communities.

We Need

The collective efforts of those in power to commit to being agents of change within their organizations to drive sustainable change.

At Empowering a Billion Women (EBW)

We believe that the next step of growth for getting the economy back on its feet involves collaboration of government, enterprise, and global influencers working towards sustainable impact.

That’s why we are asking you to team up with EBW as we launch The SHEconomy Project—and why 2x World Cup Winning, Women’s National Soccer Team Coach, Jill Ellis is teaming up with us—so we can work together to create actual impact and economic growth.

We know this because we’ve already been creating results and proven solutions for Social, Health and Economic growth for almost a decade.

EBW State of the Union

EBW State of the Union

Innovation Campaign to Rebuild Communities Across the US and the Globe

When you team up with the SHEconomy Project,
it means you are:

When you team up with the SHEconomy Project, it means you are:

  • Choosing to partner with women-led organizations—which reinvest 90% back into their communities (United Nations)

  • Focusing on where procurement dollars are spent—because only 3.0% of total procurement dollars are spent with women-owned firms and only 4.8% of total procurement dollars are spent with minority-owned firms. (Corporate Diversity Survey)

  • Commiting to increased opportunities for women-owned businesses to partner—because women-owned businesses provide an ROI of more than 2x per dollar invested (Boston Consulting Group)

  • Enabling local small businesses to more actively and easily engage with you so that your spend boosts your state’s economy—per “The Local Multiplier Effect,” 48% of purchases at local independent businesses are recirculated locally versus less than 14% percent with non-local businesses.

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