Ingrid Vanderveldt
Ingrid VanderveldtFounder and CEO
Ingrid Vanderveldt is Chairman and CEO of Empowering a Billion Women (EBW), EBW Distributors (a division of EBW2020) & Vanderveldt Global Investments.

About Ingrid
Rhonda Parouty
Rhonda ParoutyPresident
Rhonda Parouty is President of Empowering a Billion Women (EBW) and EBW Distributors (a division of EBW2020).

About Rhonda
Roberta Lang
Roberta LangChief Strategy Officer
Roberta is Chief Strategy Officer and provides consultative support to companies and leaders who are interested in conscious and profitable growth and development.

About Roberta
Allison Conkright Engel
Allison Conkright EngelChief of Communications & Operations Strategy
Allison Conkright Engel is Chief of Communications & Operations Strategy and was previously Senior Director of Women’s Market Strategy at Northwestern Mutual.

About Allison
Cynthia Barnes
Cynthia BarnesExecutive Vice President of Education and HR
Cynthia has experience in leadership, management and process improvement in non-profit and Fortune 500 manufacturing environments.

About Cynthia
Lyn Graft
Lyn GraftChief Analyst
Lyn Graft is the Chief Analyst for EBW Cares Distributors and the founder of Storytelling for Entrepreneurs

About Lyn
Linda Pringle Evans
Linda Pringle EvansDirector of Community and Education
Linda Pringle Evans is the Director of Community and Education and founder of Pringle Business Consulting, a personal branding company.

About Linda
Shirley Hogsett
Shirley HogsettDirector of Partnerships & Activate Community Facilitator
Shirley is Director of Partnerships and Community Facilitator for EBW, as well as the Founder & CEO of Destiny Speaks-speakers bureau.

About Shirley
Pamlea (Pam) Pike
Pamlea (Pam) PikeExecutive Assistant to CEO
Pam Pike is Executive Assistant to the CEO of EBW and is a seasoned EA and planner working with some of the country’s top leaders in Fortune 500’s.

About Pam
Erin Vanderveldt
Erin VanderveldtDirector of Finance & Digital Marketing
A Marketing & Finance Consultant, Erin has 10+ years of marketing experience working with companies ranging from start-ups to well-established brands.

About Erin
Sharon Barnes
Sharon BarnesDirector of Sales Enablement
Sharon is a global Learning and Development leader providing innovative solutions in corporate education, talent development, and business creation.

About Sharon
Suzanne Court
Suzanne CourtDirector of Experience & Engagement
About Suzanne
Meredith Davis
Meredith DavisDirector of Design & Development
Meredith Davis is a Digital Strategy & Development Consultant and Director of Design & Development for EBW.

About Meredith
Travis Shrader
Travis ShraderSupply Chain Manager
Travis is an experienced Supply Chain Manager and is responsible for supplier onboarding, vendor management and relationship building.

About Travis
Brett Randell
Brett RandellDirector of Strategy, Education and Community
Brett Randell is a sales copywriter and content strategist who supports female founders and diverse thought leaders with conversion copywriting.

About Brett

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