Hello friends and colleagues:

Hope your weeks have ended well!

Thank you to our partners at The State International Development Organization (SIDO) for organizing the call with EBW and the State Trade Directors as part of the roll out of The SHEconomy Project.  We have the opportunity to talk with 40 State trade directors about 2021 planning.  We are excited about the opportunity to stimulate our economy, rebuild communities and create jobs with women and diverse leaders by allocating a percentage of budget spend with qualified women led businesses identified by EBW.

Along those lines, The SHEconomy Project by EBW will be hosting a US Women’s State of the Union Call on 10/22 with iHEART Media — Next week, we will be hosting a call with representatives from various US State Governments in launching the SHEconomy Project—a movement aimed at instituting the necessary action to create more Social, Health and Economic impact for women.  We are getting governments, enterprises, distributors and influencers to #TeamUp with us to drive $1B+ worth of revenue back to diverse owned businesses.

If you haven’t already, we invite you to to JOIN the movement and sign the pledge for this successful and sustainable future.  You can sign the free pledge here: https://ebwdistributors.com/sheconomyproject/

Want to learn more about what the SHEconomy Project is? I will be hosting a virtual SHEconomy Project Town Hall on Tues, Oct 20 to share this inspired, motivating and empowering initiative that has been working behind the scenes to stimulate our economy, rebuild our cities, and create jobs.

Please come and join me for a 30 minute “Virtual Town Hall” meeting.  YOU MUST RSVP to attend by emailing pam@ebw2020.com.

EBW Cares Consultants: Our EBW Cares Consultants continue to grow and they are hitting the ground running with vigorous training, leading to PPE opportunities across the country! Including weekly training with best-selling author Pat Pearson to ensure their sales and business success.


EBW is getting requests for very small lots of gloves (<50K boxes). If you have access to small lots, please contact Travis letting us know what brands you offer and what the SOP is for those lots.


We have access to lot of low MOQ equipment. Please let us know if you or any of your constituents are in need. Contact Sharon if you have any questions.

EBW in the News—Thank you to Ramon Ray and his Smart Hustle podcast and publication and the journey of EBW Cares Distributors. We talked about empowering women, my former role as EIR of DELL, and changing lives with EBW Cares Distributors. Check it out here!



Why the U.S. Still Has a Severe Shortage of Medical Supplies


Study: Risk Of Covid-19 Transmission On Planes ‘Virtually Nonexistent’ For Mask-Wearers


US PPE supply chains failed, and COVID-19 deaths followed:


Depleted National Stockpile Contributed to COVID PPE Shortage: ‘You Can’t Be Prepared If You’re Not Funded to Be Prepared’


On deck for next week:

Tuesday, October 20th 12pm CST/1pm EST:  Town Hall to learn about The SHEconomy Project  (Please email Pam to RSVP)

Wednesday, October 21st 11am CST/12pm EST – weekly EBW Cares Distributors Consultant Call

Thursday, October 22nd 12pm CST/1pm EST – Invitation Only – State of The Union Call with The SHEconomy Project by EBW and iHEART Media (Please email pam@ebw2020.com to RSVP) 

Thank you!

If you’re in need of PPE supplies or know a city leader or entrepreneur who wants to set up a PPE distribution agency in your city or state, please reach out.

Have a great week everyone. Together we are rebuilding our economy!


Ingrid Vanderveldt, M.Arch, MBA
CEO EBW2020 + EBW Cares Distributors