Hello everyone!

Happy October and hope you, your family, and your loved ones are staying healthy and well.

This has been another busy week and I hope everyone is staying safe and sound.

This coming week, join Jill Ellis (2 time world champion Coach of the US FIFA US Women’s Soccer Team) and me- along with the whole team at EBW- as we are roll out our SHEconomy Project campaign across the United States!  GET A FIRST GLIMPSE OF OUR NEW CAMPAIGN TO DRIVE $1B IN CONTRACTS TO WOMEN AND DIVERSE BUSINESS OWNERS! The SHEconomy Project by EBW Cares Distributors!   #sheforppe #teamup


The focus of The SHEconomy Project is to encourage the reconsideration of existing budgets and procurement officers seeking to meet and expand their women and diversity spending goals.  Attached, you will find some snapshots of the campaign and the boxes that went out to each Governor and leaders of private enterprise committed to advancing The SHEconomy.  We are extending invitations to #teamup and invite you to check out the site and sign the petition as a supporter!

Also next week, EBW will take part in the United Nation’s UN75 Dialogue: Covid-19 “The Road Back.” The entire speaker lineup is amazing! Three team members of EBW will be speaking at this virtual UN event and we are honored to be partnered with The EBW Foundation and its COVID initiative, CovidXNow.

We continue to update the EBW Distributors website and please make sure to click and peruse our offerings, our mission, and our team stories.


Surviving The Waves Of A Pandemic Storm: How To Fix The Supply Chain Flaws Exposed By COVID-19 | Health Affairs


Amazon says nearly 20,000 workers got coronavirus    https://www.cnn.com/2020/10/01/tech/amazon-covid-cases/index.html

Pfizer CEO says Covid vaccine trial won’t be rushed by political pressure


The pandemic has forces women to drop out of the workforce at stunning rates


Surviving The Waves Of A Pandemic Storm: How To Fix The Supply Chain Flaws Exposed By COVID-19 | Health Affairs




We have a couple of buyers looking for small lots of chemo gloves in the U.S. This is a repeat request we get so if you have access to those landed or a vetted supplier overseas that can ship in smaller quantities, please contact Travis (travis@ebw2020.com).


We have ultra low quantities of wipes, 3 ply masks and sanitizer, OTG. If you know anyone in need of these supplies, please email Sharon (sharon@ebw2020.com). 


  • The October topic for of the Virtual Chapter Meeting is The 1-Page Business Plan – “A Model to Start and Grow your Business”
  • World-renowned psychotherapist and head of EBW Personal Development Pat Pearson, MSSW, will present her bi-weekly seminar  STOP Self Sabotage on Tuesday, October 6, 2020, at 5 pm EDT.
  • EBW Mississippi Virtual Chapter will host its monthly meeting on  Sat, October 10, 2020, 11:00 AM – 1:00 PM CDT

Come join us here at EBW in the world’s premiere ecosystem helping public and private enterprises FIND, connect and do business with qualified, vetted and trained women business owners.  (For more information on EBW Membership and Community please contact shirley@ebw2020.com).  Membership to join starts as low as $90/year and gets you access to the online community, weekly meetings, a listing in the 2021 EBW Directory and more!  Show your support, collaborate with more women and get involved!

Stay safe and healthy everyone;

Thank you for your support- together we CAN and we WILL Rebuild Communities, Create New Jobs and Grow the Economy… Together, anything is possible!  Have a great weekend all.


IV + Team

Ingrid Vanderveldt, M.Arch, MBA
CEO EBW2020 + EBW Cares Distributors

PS — Are you, your organization, or your business looking to further #TeamUp with EBW, EBW Cares Distributors, and the SHEconomy project?  Please email rhonda@ebw2020.com and we can see how we can best partner!